Since our world is getting more and more connected, your customers have shifted their focus on being able to obtain information anywhere and at any time.

Even though smartphones and mobile apps are on the rise, SMS continues to be the service that allows you to reach the majority of your customers — reliable and above all safe. 
Startel International’ s services:
Our direct connections to operators worldwide guarantee a high-quality delivery with an unprecedented control of the sender ID. If you want to receive Wholesale SMS routes with the best price-quality ratio, Startel is the company to turn to. Our network of SIM routes provides the most cost-effective SMS termination. Choose the best option for your business.

Mobile Messaging Services : White Label SMS Solutions | Bulk SMS | Viber Service Message | Push Notifications
Our Premium SMS Gateway can be connected with our Bulk SMS Service to allow you to send and receive Bulk or personalized SMS for promotional use, marketing campaigns and value-added services.
SMS Route Management
Select from a variety of SMS routes for each Company. Mix and match SMS routes and target efficiently the needs of your customers.