Inbound SIP trunking

Startel International maximizes the uptime of your business VoIP system by actively finding the most reliable, highest quality path available for each call in real-time.

Expanded SIP signaling exposes detailed routing intelligence so you can manage and track calls with granular control.

Inbound call channels can be unlimited so that all calls get through. And you only pay for service you use, so you never overpay for trunks again. Or, you can keep costs predictable by building a pool of unlimited minutes over a fixed number of inbound channels shared by all of your phone numbers, including toll-free lines.


Outbound SIP trunking/International calling

Our intelligent carrier platform ensures top voice quality by delivering outbound call audio over the shortest path possible. Streamlined call routing makes international calling clear and inexpensive because we remove unnecessary call legs.

Outbound SIP trunking channels are always unlimited, and you only pay for the termination minutes you use, so agents and reps can always reach customers.

Strict customizable toll-fraud controls protect your balance from intruders on your network.